It was pretty risqué to launch a fashion brand in the middle of a pandemic. But as an alternative fashion business, our social engagement, especially in the middle of a historic crisis urged us to take a chance, nevertheless.

Despite our eagerness to support our social mission, the reality is the covid-19 Pandemic has been hard on the business side of Niango.


Indeed, the Mckinsey report on the state of fashion 2020 prediction turned out to be true:  

“The industry’s economic profit will fall by 93 percent. Fashion retailers will see their sales fall harder”

People are buying less because there are also fewer opportunities to go out. But also, most people carry a bigger load such as struggling with mental and or physical health. Some have seen their salary decrease or even lost their job, to say the least.

As we are committing to keeping our business running during this unprecedented pandemic, we also had to rethink our offering for 2021 to adjust to this new reality and offer items that bring comfort, practicality, and fun while we keep supporting communities of women.

Stay tuned for more updates on that.
When you join our Niango community or buy from one of our clothing collections, you can feel proud knowing that you are helping to make a difference in the lives of so many women.

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