Johanna Bramble is an artist and textile designer living in Dakar for more than 10 years. Attracted by Senegal’s textile wealth and fabric expertise, she has set up her workshops in Dakar and today works in collaboration with Senegalese fabrics that use traditional fabric techniques.

In parallel with her business, Johanna Bramble also offers fabric training for the empowerment of women, for example training in partnership with the Kora PRD, the European Union and Frères des Hommes. It was precisely the implementation of a seminar for the exchange of practices in traditional loincloth fabric and training in professional activity management for the women of Meéckhé, Tambacounda, Koussanar and Koldar. The women were able to acquire precious know-how allowing them to practice this activity for commercial purposes, thus promoting textile work and local know-how.

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