The “Renaître” collection was designed as part of a Community Art project with a group of women from “Auberge Transition” (https://aubergetransition.org/index.php/fr/). At the end of which a presentation and awareness event is organized around the creations and the theme (domestic violence).

The pandemic and its restrictions have made it particularly challenging for us to organize an event and gather hundreds of community members around such an important issue. Therefore, we had no choice but to postpone the launch of the collection and the organization of the event to spring 2022 for a better chance of visibility.


About the fundraising

Thanks to our generous contributors we were able to raise 2400 CAD (the goal was 8500 CAD) on Gofundme that we are keeping for the event organization next spring.

In the meantime, and in preparation for the event, we continue to promote our community art project to potential contributors and sponsors, whose donations will make it possible to  (1) supplement the fundraising deficit, (2) support participants of the project, and (3) donate to  Auberge Transition organization.

We are also rethinking our legal form to make public and philanthropic funding available to benefit our social programs.

When you join our Niango community or buy from one of our clothing collections, you can feel proud knowing that you are helping to make a difference in the lives of so many women.

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