T-shirts collection

This is Niango’s first T-shirt collection, and it showcases the beautiful graphic design and beadwork symbolizing women coming together.

These latest styles were initially created as part of a community art project to support Indigenous communities, as well as to honour the sisterhood women share in their own communities and with other women around the globe.

The SISTERHOOD Collection gives the wearer the opportunity to make a statement, show their support, and expand the borders of fashion.

Niango’s mission is to work with communities of women facing particular hardships, to initiate a dialogue and raise awareness around these issues, and to help provide opportunities for the women facing these issues.

The idea of a hand-beaded T-shirt collection started as an effort to provide work opportunities for Canadian Indigenous women and to join effort in raising awareness around the issues women face.

For Indigenous women, beading is a spiritual journey; it symbolizes resiliency despite the enduring hardships, and the opportunity to connect and share with other women during the process.

In their effort to preserve the true spirit of beading for the Indigenous community, the participants of the project chose to volunteer their time instead of being paid for their work, and the funding for their work will go to an Indigenous organization. In addition, 10% of all profits from the SISTERHOOD collection will be donated to the same Indigenous.